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We understand that you would like to work with reputable trainers who have good experience and reputation.

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We do care about the well being of our clients and make the training safe. When also provide first aid incase of minor injuries.


We are well equipped with all tools that are needed to make you a great player

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If you have any kind of interest in your child playing the game of basketball, and want them to get better at it, Soar Athletics is the best program. My son Keith use to be scared to shoot the ball and was a role player on the bench since attending Soar Athletics his confidence has soar thru the roof he want from coming off the bench to a starting roll on his high school team and scouts are looking at him. Thank you Soar Athletics for all your help...

Ashley and keith Johnson
Ashley and keith Johnson

Words cant express how grateful I am for Soar Athletics, My daughter Megan Ball Handling skills has gotten 10 times better and her ability to run the point guard position just keep getting better I want to give a special thanks to Coach Harris because the personal one on one session he is having with Megan is really turning her into an elite point guard.

Amber and Megan Hill
Amber and Megan Hill

My son Kyle love it here and staff is great, I actually have three of my children in the Soar Athletics program, Kyle is the youngest and I am proud at how well he is developing at 7 yrs old Kyle is learning how to dribble and shoot with his left hand. The staff are people who cares about the success of the child and I love that about them...

George and Kyle Miller
George and Kyle Miller

Speical thanks to Coach Mack & Coach Harris and the whole Soar Athletics staff you all have helped Kenny with his defense and his ability to drive to the basket, I love the way you are teaching them on how to form good habits. His confidence level is great and he scored 25 points last saturday game. Thank you for all your help with my son...

Jeff and kenny Anderson
Jeff and kenny Anderson

About Soar Athletics

Soar Athletics is a year round basketball skill development program. We offer some of the best North Carolina basketball camp. Soar Athletics was created with the sole purpose of student athlete development.

To provide opportunities to youth athletes to transition from one level to the next both on and off the court. Soar Athletics is a way of life, we specialize in getting youth athletes prepared for the next level no matter what their skill level is.

We have many programs focus on the youth basketball in Charlotte NC, helping them advance to the next level in life. The primary purpose of Soar Athletics is to provide a platform for the youth of North Carolina And South Carolina to achieve excellence in the sport of basketball.

Through intense training, exceptional coaching, competitive experiences, and educational mentoring, Soar Athletics members are given the very best opportunity to maximize his/her potential and reach their basketball and educational goals.

Charlotte Basketball the game is growing and more children are looking for ways to improve we know here at Soar Athletics your child will grow as player but better grow as an individual. We know every child that plays basketball wants to be the next great thing, and with Soar we will push you to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

Soar Athletics has some of the best basketball trainers in Charlotte NC , Soar has a proven track record, both at the coaching and playing levels. Various coaches have had success playing at the College, University and Professional level, garnering numerous accolades including Conference and National Players of the year. In addition, they have experienced success coaching at not only the Soar Athletics but also high school and collegiate, AAU and conference championships.   We will do everything in our power to assist our players in playing at the next level if desired. Soar Athletics is in constant dialogue with numerous coaches and has had success helping place a number of former players at various institutions.

What you should expect from the Soar Athletics program:

  • Soar Athletics will involve your child in wholesome, energetic activity based on teamwork, good sportsmanship, and fellowship.
  • Soar Athletics will build self-confidence and poise in your child through personalized attention, encouragement, and interaction with teammates.
  • Soar Athletics will foster a positive attitude—negative actions and activity will not be tolerated. The success of each individual depends on a positive attitude.
  • Soar Athletics will sharpen individual understanding of the importance and necessity of teamwork, fair play, cooperation, dependability and unity—the core of success in all team efforts.