“Coach Harris & Mack did a great job helping our son. Coach has a great ability to quickly diagnose the problem and provide specific adjustments and drills to fix. By coach mack being left handed he was able to help our son with his ability to use his left hand, Coach also has a great demeanor when working with players. If you are looking for a coach to help solidify the fundamentals and then build on the fundamentals, Soar Athletis Coaches is a great choice.” – Ashley, parent

Charlotte Basketball

Our Private Lessons is uniquely designed to increase player’s confidence and develop the correct fundamentals to help succeed at any level. We identify strengths and weaknesses, then customize workouts for that player to advance their game. It will take them to the next level, past their personal hurdles while building on their strengths, too.

Private lessons are the fastest way for players to get better because each workout is customized to the specific needs of the player — and the workout is very focused (more reps, higher intensity, and undivided one-on-one attention from the coach). Each session lasts 1 hour. If you are looking for the 1 on 1 attention then our private lesson is just for you

The basketball lessons will help players improve…

  • confidence
  • shooting
  • scoring
  • ballhandling
  • passing
  • rebounding
  • aggressiveness
  • mentality
  • footwork
  • quickness
  • athleticism
  • coordination
  • and all around basketball ability

These sessions will be designed on an individual basis to help the player improve their weaknesses and add to their strengths.

Individual workouts will be the most effective and efficient way to focus on your specific needs. Upon request, individual workout plans will be developed by the instructor for additional training beyond the workout session.

Workouts consist of shooting, passing, ball handling, defense, rebounding and agility training. The Basketball drills are made as game like as possible. To get the most out of each session, workouts will be designed to meet individual needs.


Cost: $50 per session/ length 60 minutes.

5 sessions = $225.

10 sessions = $425. 1 session free

20 sessions = $900. 2 session for Free

Semi-Private Training 2 players and the coaches. These sessions will be designed with both players needs in mind. Players will improve their weaknesses and add to their strengths. Being two will also allow us to add some 1-1 situations. All Private Training options are highly intense and feature a fully custom workout regimen that is designed to drastically enhance players skills in as little time as possible by focusing specifically on their unique training needs.

Cost: $40 per session/ length 60 minutes.

5 sessions = $175.

10 sessions = $350.

20 sessions = $700